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Price: $29.95
Switched On
The 13 contributors in this captivating book have worked with thousands of people and hundreds of leading companies to improve health, productivity and happiness. Learn from Australia's most inspiring health and wellbeing experts. It's like having your very own coach, without having to pay thousands and thousands of dollars.
Price: $27.23
Close Abdominal Training - Book Abdominal Training by Paul Collins
Abdominal Training features practical, easy to follow exercises for achieving a leaner mid-section, stronger lower back, better posture and trimmer waistline. Over 50 exercises incorporating fitness balls, medicine balls and ones very own body weight.
Price: $31.77
Powering Through Pregnancy
This is an easy to use, practical guide for women who are experiencing pain and discomfort during their pregnancies, and for those who want to do their best to prevent an uncomfortable 9 months. Exercises are provided to ease pregnancy discomfort, explaining why they are beneficial as well as when they are not suitable.
Price: $10.91
Living with Chronic Pain
Dr Ragg is a medical journalist with a special interest in health and social issues. This book addresses the biological, psychological and social factors that cause pain and explores chronic and specific pain syndromes such as backache, headache and cancer pain. Mark explains the many treatments available: Drug therapy, physiotherapy, relaxation, healthy livin
Price: $27.23
The Body Coach, Paul Collins, provides a simple, basic foundation of skills, drills and exercises for children that are fun and enjoyable and most importantly achieves results. This program has been developed to provide coaches, parents and teachers with an effective guideline towards planning and implementing a successful fitness program for kids.
Price: $58.14
Exercise for Older Adults
This publication by ACE offers essential information to those working with older adults from fitness programming to motivating and communicating with this group.
Price: $79.50
Designing Resistance Training Programs
With this text, you'll be able to design scientifically sound resistance training programs. Modify and adapt programs to meet the needs of special populations, and understand how exercise prescription design works in the real world.
Price: $40.00
Bounce Back After Baby
This book will be a blessing to every new mother who is feeling overwhelmed by how much time caring for a newborn takes, but who still wants to exercise and feel good. This book teaches prevention of back and shoulder injury by teaching proper positions for holding baby, breastfeeding, and lifting baby up, such as when lifting out of crib.
Price: $38.64
Active Bodies, Active Brains
By applying the techniques in this book, you can create an endless supply of brain-compatible physical activities while helping your participants build cognition, health-related fitness, and physical skills.