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Meet SIL Meadowbank member
By: Ing Ong

Did you know that holding a plank for a long period of time may not actually add to your core strength? Some research indicates that holding a plank for longer than two minutes is more of a test of your ability to withstand discomfort than a test of your core strength.


Holding the plank for five or seven or ten minutes, even though little extra benefit may be gained by your core is a lot like many other things we do in life. Have you set some New Year’s resolutions? Do they include some resolutions that you have held onto and have repeated for many years? Do you have life habits that make you hold onto things for long periods of time with little benefit?


This new-year I would encourage you to add more variety to your training, add some more short team, measurable and achievable goals, do things to an adequate level that add benefit to your fitness and health goals and remember a little is always better than none!


Step into Life Meadowbank now offer an unlimited training option called “3 unlimited”. Basically, you only pay for 3 sessions per week, however you can attend as many sessions per week (unlimited) as you wish! The “3 unlimited” membership is $1 or $2 more per session than the normal 3 training sessions per week rate, but you can attend as often as you wish and it allows you to add maximum variety to your training.

Added: 20-01-2014